2022: Bronx Voted 231st Bingo Best Bingo!

231st Bingo
189 West 231st
(718) 708-4902 – www.facebook.com/pages/category/bingo-hall/231st-bingo-155073555141053

B-7! O-63! BINGO! If you’re a bingo enthusiast and want to play a few rounds, 231st Bingo is the place for you. At 231st bingo, this isn’t your granny’s retirement home bingo set-up. Those who come by to play a few games are in for a fast-paced bingo experience that will have you on the edge of your seat, hoping that the host calls out your bingo card numbers. Plus, you can walk out with some cold, hard cash if you are the big winner! If you get hungry while you play, snacks are available for purchase as well. So don’t wait, come by 231st Bingo and see if you’ve got what it takes!