2023: Bronx Voted Laileilei Juice & Snack Bar Best Binge-worthy Snack!

Laileilei Juice & Snack Bar
832 Westchester Ave
(347) 297-2460 – seamless.com/menu/laileilei-juice-and-snack-bar-832-westchester-ave-bronx/1419958

Laileilei Juice & Snack Bar isn’t just a haven for refreshing beverages; it’s a paradise for snack enthusiasts craving binge-worthy delights. Imagine an array of irresistible treats that redefine snacking. Dive into the addictive crunch of their Himalayan Salted Popcorn, a perfectly seasoned masterpiece that keeps you coming back for more. For those with a sweet tooth, the Blissful Bites Energy Balls offer a guilt-free indulgence, combining nuts, dried fruits, and a touch of honey for a burst of natural sweetness. But the real showstopper is the Truffle Parmesan Kale Chips – a symphony of flavors with crispy kale leaves coated in truffle oil and Parmesan cheese. Laileilei’s snacks aren’t just munchies; they’re a culinary adventure that turns every bite into a moment of sheer pleasure. Elevate your snacking experience at Laileilei Juice & Snack Bar, where binge-worthy delights await to tantalize your taste buds.

2022: Bronx Voted City Island Seafood Shack Best Binge-Worthy Snack!

City Island Seafood Shack
2049 Williamsbridge Road
(929) 371-3252 – cityislandseafoodshack.com

When searching for the perfect snack to satisfy the munchies, whether or not it’s going to be paired with a night of binge-watching TV shows or other content on Netflix or another video streaming service, City Island Seafood Shack has a few options that voters find craveable. Online reviewers point as examples to standout snacks at the restaurant including its French fries options such as Shipwreck Fries that come topped with its Crabby cheese sauce, as well as mini crabcakes with remoulade sauces, and lobster roll sliders. One online Yelp reviewer praised the shrimp taco with fries he got as an “A+++++” with a “really good taste.” Another said: “We had the flounder/cod fish/ calamari/lobster sliders/steamed shrimp and some different sides. I would definitely try this place again. The fish was so fresh and cooked to perfection.””