2022: The Bronx Voted Castle Hill Bike Shop Best Bicycle Shop!

Castle Hill Bike Shop
3467 E Tremont Ave
(718) 597-2083facebook.com

Castle Hill Bike Shop is hands down a top pick among avid urban cyclers around the town and throughout the city. Here is where your ride will be maintained by the best mechanics when it comes to all things two wheels and tricycles– in fact, anything with wheels, customers say! The repair shop is honest, prices are reasonable, and soon as a new fan, you won’t let anyone touch your bike but the staff here. The business owner is regarded as a top professional, super personable, and highly skilled in his field. He can make on-the-spot adjustments, like installing a new handlebar, height adjustment extension on the seat, or adding a new brake line in an efficient and expert fashion. Not a lot of bells and whistles here, just an A-plus experience that will improve your bike’s performance but won’t put a hole in your pocket!