2022: Bronx Voted Morrisania Band Project Best Cover Band!

Morrisania Band Project
E 165th St
(347) 773-4922 – morrisaniaband.wordpress.com

Oh my god, I love this song! That’s what you’ll be saying every time the Morrisania Band Project hits the stage. This South Bronx-based band has been blessing the borough since 2016 with some of the most popular and smooth R&B jams that soothe the soul. Every time they perform, the Morrisania Band Project has an incredible lineup of legendary funk, rock, and soul artists that will have you on your dancing feet in no time. Their mission is to add vibrancy to the South Bronx through music, community engagement and social initiatives, and it’s safe to say that they are succeeding. So don’t wait, head out to see a Morrisania Band Project show soon!

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