2022: Bronx Voted Bronx Alehouse Best Bar!

Bronx Alehouse
216 W 238th St
(718) 601-0204 – bronxalehouse.com

The best bars have it all, great alcohol selections, delicious food to much on and a great atmosphere. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you go into Bronx Alehouse. At Bronx Alehouse, there is truly something for everyone. From local craft beers to their incredible wine and cocktail menu, you will find it challenging to find something you don’t like. The awesome food menu pairs perfectly with any drink you choose, including several vegan options for those who don’t eat animal products. Round that out with a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere and Bronx Alehouse takes the cake! So when you’re planning your next bar outing, make sure Bronx Alehouse is the first stop – you won’t want to leave afterwards!