2022: Bronx Voted Frito-Lay Inc Best Potato Chips!

Frito-Lay Inc
1101 Oak Point Ave
(718) 378-1500 – www.fritolay.com

Frito-Lay Inc. makes the best potato chips far and wide. Whether you’re looking to eat a long-time favorite or want to try something new, Frito-Lay has just the snack for you. Chip lovers can’t go wrong with the classic Lay’s or Fritos, or different flavors of Doritos, Sun Chips or Ruffles. Salsa lovers aim for Tostitos and hummus lovers are drawn to Stacy’s, but any Frito-Lay product will leave more smiles with every bite. Frito-Lay makes many more fan favorites, like Smartfood, Cracker Jacks and Funyuns. Whether for a snack on the go or to please a crowd as a party host, you can’t go wrong with Frito-Lay snacks.