2020: Manhattan Voted Krowne Vocal School NYC Best Music School!

Krowne Vocal School NYC
146 W 29th St
(646) 443-6116 – www.krowneonyourvoice.com

Have you ever heard a singer belt out a high note and thought, “how can I learn to do that?” Well, the instructors at Krowne Vocal School NYC can help hone any voice regardless of experience level. The school welcomes both beginners and accomplished singers and teaches them to sing with power, precision and personality. Founder Jennifer Krowne and her team of trained instructors specialize in a range of genres including R&B, pop, jazz, rock, musical theater and country. The school’s teachers are active singers and songwriters who have toured as backup singers, lead artists and actors. Krowne Vocal School emphasizes the utilization of vocal science and teaches techniques like Estill, speech level singing and complete vocal technique. A one hour private lesson starts at $89 and gift certificates and packages are also available for purchase.